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PE at home!

 Whether you exercise on your own, with a partner, or in small group, it is very important that we designate at least 30-60 minutes a day to physical fitness.  There a lot of fun movement activities on Youtube.com that you can watch and take part in.  I will also be posting ideas on my page.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.  Be creative and have fun!!!
 Even though you may not have me this quarter or year, you are encouraged to participate in the assignments. Everyone needs 60 minutes of exercise daily so make sure you are getting up and moving.  Use these assignments as a guide or ideas for what to do!

At home fun fitness activity ideas!

Commercial break: 
      If you are watching television, during every commercial break get up and exercise.  See how many repetions of each exercise can you do!  Log your score and try and beat it the next time! 
      Commercial 1:  Jumping Jacks
      Commercial 2: Push ups
      Commercial 3: Burpees
      Commercial 4: Sit ups (any ab exercise can be used)
      Commercial 5: Chair dips or air squats 
            REPEAT and do this for a second show!
Keep a Log : 
      Try and exercise for 60 minutes a day! Any type of movement that raises your heart rate counts! (riding your bike, walking, climbing stairs, jogging, jumping on the trampoline, jumping rope, playing games or sports outside, etc..)  Record your days activities and journal how you feel! 
Dance :
      Turn on some music and get your body moving!! There is no wrong moves, any style music and style dance!!  Freestyle (making up your own moves or routine) or performing a specific routine are both great!  
            1. Have a dance party with your family! or your friends (via facetime or other similar apps)
            2.  Teach someone else a new dance routine. (one you learned or one you made up)
            3. Play a dance video game! 
            4. Line dances, like cupid shuffle 
Yoga :
      Google/youtube yoga for teens.  Choose videos for beginners.  Follow along with the instructor! Make sure to use good form.  I will post specific videos as I find ones I suggest!
       There are a lot of ideas for fitness games and activities!  Find something that looks fun and interesting and try it out!
      Research your sport!  Find drills to improve your skills and then go out and practice them!
Learn from the professionals on how to improve your skills and gain move knowledge about your sport!
Research a new sport!  Look up Ultimate Frisbee, Pickleball, etc. and watch some of the high level play!
      I will post specific videos as I find ones I suggest!
I will post more links to informative and interesting material! 
 *To avoid injuries, make sure to practice good form on all exercises and warm up and stretch regularly!!

Fitness challenge

Each day do a different movement and challenge yourself to complete the challenge each week. (Make sure to youtube proper technique/form for all movement to avoid injury and get the most benefits)
Push up challenge: How many perfect push ups can you do in a row?
Sit up challenge: How many sit ups can you do in a row?
Burpee challenge: How many burpees can you do without resting or within a set time?
Air squat challenge: How many air squats can you do in a row or within a set time?
Plank challenge: How long (use a timer) can you hold the plank?
*There are a lot of these movement challenges on Tik Tok. 

Alphabet workout

Alphabet Workout
(Spell your name) 

A=50 Jumping Jacks
B=20 Crunches
C=30 Squats
D=15 Push ups
E=1 minute wall sits
F=10 Burpees
G=20 Lunges (alternate legs)
H=20 Mountain Climbers 
I=30 Leg lifts
J=15 Sit ups
K=10 Jumping knee tucks (aka Tuck jumps)
L=1Minute Plank
M=20 Arm Circles (Both arms at the same time
N=40 1 leg hops (20 each leg)
O=25 High Knees
P=20 Side Lunges (10 each leg)
Q=30 Calf raises
R=15 Tricep Dips
S=30 Bicycle Crunches
T=15 Squat jumps
U=40 Jumping Jacks
V=20 Push Ups
W=20 Burpees
X=20 Air Squats
Y=2 Minute Wall sit
Z=25 Crunches



 Check out this site for free 1 month membership or youtube their daily workout videos

Jordan Yeoh- Youtube.com

10 exercise: Choose 5 out of 10. Do 20 to 30 reps of each. 3 rounds. 
(High knee runs, Bicycle crunches, Jump in, Jumping lunges, Power push ups, lateral jumps, burpees, squat jumps, running climbers, tuck jumps) 

COVID-19 Volleyball at home workouts

Youtube.com (Reid Hall)
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