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The Clearview Local Schools is committed to helping students and families during this unprecedented pandemic. Click HERE to view Clearview's 2020-2021 reopening plan. Click HERE to find community resources and updates related to COVID-19.
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Clearview Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Paul Kish - Director 

Clearview Local Schools Reopening Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year

Clearview Reopening Plan 2020-2021
Click on the link below to access the Clearview Reopening Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year. If you have any questions regarding any component of the plan you are welcome to call or email me and I will be happy to assist. Contact information listed to the right. 

Clearview Department of Curriculum and Instruction Focus

The focus of the Clearview Local School District is to provide an instructional program that is delivered in a manner that is grounded in current research pertaining to how students learn most efficiently, effectively, and appropriately. 

Three key areas of focus will exist in order to achieve district and building level curricular and instructional goals:

Relationships First 

  • Promote strategies to place priority on building positive relationships with students - identify families, likes, dislikes, learning traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Build Rapport.

Active, Engaged, and Innovative

  • Identify and promote research based instructional strategies by continually sharing best practice and providing continual opportunities for professional development.
  • Support and promote teachers in efforts to develop creative, active lesson plans to engage students in the learning process.
  • Establish a PLN, Personal Learning Network. Collaborate, connect, and share with colleagues in Clearview Schools and around the world.
  • 21st Century Skills - Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication. Prepare students for the world of tomorrow.

Student Growth

  • Identify and analyze assessment data to ensure students are making significant growth.
  • Identify and implement intervention strategies to assist students that are not making growth.

Clearview Curricular Framework

The following visual provides a framework for curriculum in the district.
We want to establish a shared viewpoint, knowledge, language, and vision in regards to our curriculum and how it is viewed in the Clearview Local Schools. We always start with "Why" which is to enrich the lives of our students through the power of education. We believe this to be the most important part of our curricular framework; when you know your why your what has more impact. The “what” are the standards. The “when” is determined by teacher curricular maps. The “how” is the teacher's artistry of teaching connected to a cycle of assessment, analysis, and intervention.  All stages require collaboration with Teacher Based Teams. The term framework means a supportive structure in which all aspects hold importance and relevance. The framework needs to be strong and therefore continually reviewed. 
We start with WHY:
To enrich the lives our our students through the power of education.
Clearview Curriculum Connections
District Documents

Curricular Resources by School

Curricular Resources by School
Click on the link below to access all of the curricular resources utilized by teachers in each of our three school buildings. Additional resources may be used by individual teachers as open resources. To learn more, links to each of these resources are also available to the right under Curricular Resources. 
Important Links
The Ohio Department of Education
The Educational Service Center of Lorain County
ACT Information   
State Report Cards

Gifted Education

In a partnership through the ESC of Lorain County, Clearview Local Schools identifies and services students who are identified gifted in the areas of cognitive, math and reading. Parents and students are asked to refer to the ESC website for more information on their programs and other opportunities.

Title 1

The purpose of this federal program is to help ensure that ALL children have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach proficiency on challenging academic standards and assessments as well as prepare them to be college and career ready. Title 1 services focus on improving the academic achievement of students who need additional assistance than that provided in the regular classroom setting.

The focus of the program is to establish school-wide reform in high-poverty schools, school improvement plans, professional development and technical assistance based on scientifically based instructional strategies. It requires ALL students are taught by "highly qualified" teachers and paraprofessionals with equity.

Title One Documents
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